Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aliens,Aliens Aliens...

That's all I can say to my defense, for not having updated these pages for so long.

My monstrology research have by necessity been put on hold for the time being since two recent field missions turned out to be linked to a whole series of alien encounters.
It has prompted me to start work on a new groundbreaking book!

In some way research into Alien/Extra Terrestial life forms is very similar to Monstrology and,as the field of UFO/Alien studies is, like monstrology, studded with charlatans and flimflam-men there is a dire need for a serious look at the field by a reputable scientist such as myself.

I have already accumulated some every interesting field notes/drawings,

This being, I have given it the temporary name "Clustor", is curious and friendly but utterly unintelligent on it's own, but.... as it clusters together with others of it's kind, it can, if their numbers are sufficient, achieve an intelligence far beyond the human capacity.

Its origins is still unknown, but I am working on finding out more. This sighting occurred in Central Illinois. I am curious to hear from the general public if you have any pertinent information about this or other Aliens.