Friday, August 24, 2007

The Gutrotter

As I mentioned it is very hard to make a drawing of this monster. I believe the rendering below is as close as I can get. One of the more peculiar things about this beast was that it appeared to be "shifting" in time and space continuously. It looked like it was doing many things and occupying different stages in time at the same time. And as Dr Hasbien noted it was almost translucent. We did at one point come so close to it that I got a good slap from one of its paws, and let me tell you it hurt. It was more than just a normal pain too, it had an electrical feel.

Our client, an 8-year old girl, also got slapped several times and had some bad scratches from its claws. The scratches seemed to "infect" her with a desire for sugar, similar to that of the monster itself. You see, infallibly it was attracted by bowls of sugar and candy that we used for bait for our observations. After the worst incident our client was attracted to the bait with a frightening fervor.
She is much better now and only eats sweets on Saturdays, but very fast.
(I believe I might have been "infected" too. I used to take one spoonful of sugar in my coffee, now I crave at least 6.)
After two weeks of almost nightly visitations the monster stopped coming.
We don't know what made it appear or disappear.

If you know anything about a monster like the Gutrotter please let me know, any information can be valuable.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Stench to Remember

The time we spent in Denmark was frightening. I still have not made a a clear definition of the monster we encountered.
Dr Hasbien want to call it the Sugarsucker because of it's hunger for sweets. I think that name trivializes the horror of this beast.
After weeks in hiding in the garden of the family affected we we're able to observe this monster only briefly. I claim that it must be a monster with intradimensional abilities. I.e. it can "skip" between dimensions, but Dr Hasbien believes it is just semi-translucent and therefore easily camouflaged.
Drawing this beast is nearly impossible and I will post a composite of my field drawings as I get it ready.

As I said in the previous post the most significant sign of this beast was an incredible stench. The most vile odour you can imagine preceded every sighting and I wish there was a way to transmit this smell because in this case it would be a much better identifier than a drawing.
Imagine rotting garbage, combine it with ammonia, and cologne-covered-B.O. and poop.
That is the best I can describe the smell.
It was truly revolting.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Something was indeed rotten in the state of Denmark!

Phuuui... I can't get the smell out of my nose. I encountered one of the stinkiest beasts I have ever been near.
This hunt took more out of both me and Dr Hasbien than we ever could have expected. Our young client, a 8 year old Danish girl is still sick.
This was indeed a dangerous mission.
My field notes and drawings are still a jumble and I suffer from lack of sleep and several small bites and scrapes. I will try to make a more coherent post at a later time.
Now I most sleep.