Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swedish Monsters Abound!

I left my native land of Sweden many years ago and although I was well aware that there were some monsters lurking in the deep forests and dark corners of the utterly civilized towns, I had no idea of how prevalent they were, until now!

I received this collection of fantastic field studies of monsters from Europaskolan, a very respectable academic institution in Stockholm.

The abundance of monster-sightings is overwhelming.
This is just a few of the most compelling monsters in the collection!
The variety of types of beings and the detailed illustrations are very impressing.

The group of daring Swedish monstrologists

These are some of the monsters:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recent Developments in Monstrology

Fellow monsterwatchers, there have been lots of goings ons in the world of monstrology lately.

I have created a whole collection of new monsters based on the fascinating work of the French monstrologist and contemporary artist Philippe Parreno. He had discovered more than a dozen new beasts but needed help with the documentation. I was able to provide him with this most invaluable service, since few, if any, monstrologists surpass my skills in the field.
Some of the monsters are quite frightening, this is the bunny-like "Propaganda":

Monsieur Parreno's works will be presented at several international museum shows, they are however "art" shows, not scientific displays, so to me they are not so important, but by all means have a look at some of the monsters in this very detailed video from Zurich Kunsthalle.

In the beginning of June there will also be a show at the Centre Pompidou in Paris where some of the same monsters will be on display. The Pompidou will also publish a book of the 16 monsters Parreno and I discovered.

My famous video of a Q&A session at the Community Bookstore on Youtube has changed location slightly but can still be viewed here:

However, my most challenging duty lately has been the completion of of my new book A Field Guide to Aliens, it is currently in its last edit and shall shortly impact the field of alienology in the same epochal way that my Field Guide to Monsters altered the science of monstrology.

Here's a glance at one of the more intriguing beings documented in the book:
The "Sliver-Slurper" is an alien that seems to be primarily interested in harvesting, and consuming, human and animal waste.