Thursday, October 29, 2009


These are a handfull of fantastic new monsters discovered by junior monstrologists at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens during Ghouls & Gourds last Sunday. Surprisingly, quite a few were NOT dangerous to humans!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Rush

So, as you might understand, the end of October is a busy time for a monstrologist.

I have just returned from a monster-mission in Texas where my dear friend and young colleague Sepp had alerted me to the presence of some frightening beast in his neighborhood in Houston. We were unfortunately unable to confirm any monsters or aliens but we saw some interesting tracks and held several intriguing interviews with witnesses.

Investigating a possible monster-sighting in Houston,TX

I believe this will be an investigation that I will have to return to repeatedly in the future. The Monster or Alien is supposedly taller than 10 feet, very thin and takes a special interest in Chickens.

While in Texas I was also able to give my formidable lecture on The Science of Monstrology at two esteemed locations, The Hendley Market in Galveston, TX and Travis Elementary School in Houston, TX.

This weekend I will hold my annual monster investigation workshop at the Ghouls and Gourds event in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Sunday Oct. 25, noon-6pm, kids under 12 free!
The following week I will be doing my lecture at three different academic institutions in Brooklyn, these will however not be open to the public. But below you can view a video from my lecturing at Hendley Market.

And last but not least, Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Once again I need to start with an apology, I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. It is
hard to maintain this blog when there is so much monster and alien activity out there!

I have been immersed in aliens, as I have mentioned before, but at last my work on the new Field Guide to Aliens is done! It is now being vetted by esteemed specialists and will be published in the spring next year.

One of the more curious life-forms I document in the new Field Guide is The Disco. It appears that it is an alien that "eats" nothing but sounds. It thrives on the melodious beats of disco-music, but is otherwise harmless.

This is a compelling eye-witness rendering of a feeding Disco:

This unsigned, but clearly dated, field study shows a Disco in full action. It was sent to me from a young alienologist in Colorado, who found it among his mom’s stuff.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swedish Monsters Abound!

I left my native land of Sweden many years ago and although I was well aware that there were some monsters lurking in the deep forests and dark corners of the utterly civilized towns, I had no idea of how prevalent they were, until now!

I received this collection of fantastic field studies of monsters from Europaskolan, a very respectable academic institution in Stockholm.

The abundance of monster-sightings is overwhelming.
This is just a few of the most compelling monsters in the collection!
The variety of types of beings and the detailed illustrations are very impressing.

The group of daring Swedish monstrologists

These are some of the monsters:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recent Developments in Monstrology

Fellow monsterwatchers, there have been lots of goings ons in the world of monstrology lately.

I have created a whole collection of new monsters based on the fascinating work of the French monstrologist and contemporary artist Philippe Parreno. He had discovered more than a dozen new beasts but needed help with the documentation. I was able to provide him with this most invaluable service, since few, if any, monstrologists surpass my skills in the field.
Some of the monsters are quite frightening, this is the bunny-like "Propaganda":

Monsieur Parreno's works will be presented at several international museum shows, they are however "art" shows, not scientific displays, so to me they are not so important, but by all means have a look at some of the monsters in this very detailed video from Zurich Kunsthalle.

In the beginning of June there will also be a show at the Centre Pompidou in Paris where some of the same monsters will be on display. The Pompidou will also publish a book of the 16 monsters Parreno and I discovered.

My famous video of a Q&A session at the Community Bookstore on Youtube has changed location slightly but can still be viewed here:

However, my most challenging duty lately has been the completion of of my new book A Field Guide to Aliens, it is currently in its last edit and shall shortly impact the field of alienology in the same epochal way that my Field Guide to Monsters altered the science of monstrology.

Here's a glance at one of the more intriguing beings documented in the book:
The "Sliver-Slurper" is an alien that seems to be primarily interested in harvesting, and consuming, human and animal waste.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Aliens Discovered in Living Room

These mysterious creatures were observed in the living room.
They are apparently aliens and have bristly, messy, hair and many little legs. They seem to be holding their bodies in an unbalanced, swaying kind of way, perhaps their ratio of body to legs is a bit underdeveloped...or overdeveloped if one looks at their gigantic heads.
As you can see in the lower right hand corner they keep sharks as pets. According to Vivienne, 3 1/2, the primary witness, they keep them" to play with". She also claims that "they are nice, because they have smiles" and that they eat trees.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"The Pop-Up"

Greetings fellow followers of monstrology!
Once again too much time has passed between posts. But to my defence I have to say that the turbulent times we now live in seem to have brought forth more odd creatures than I have ever seen before. Being one of the very few SENIOR monstrologists in the field gives me an immense work-load and lately my work on the up-coming Field Guide to Aliens have kept me very, very busy. So busy that many of the latest monster sightings have stacked up on my desk. I just haven't had a chance to investigate.
Therefore I decided to post two of these beings in hope of getting some information from YOU, the ever vigilant public.


This being was observed around Halloween last year, but it has also been seen inside haunted houses and other places where people are on edge and easily scared.

As you can see from the drawing I did based on eye-witness accounts it hides almost within itself, then pops up screaming "SURPRIIIISE!!"

Very little is know about this fearsome creature that was documented by Antoine, 5, in Paris, France.
Because of the antennae-looking things on its head I'm suspicious of it being an alien.
Does anybody have any information? E-mail me!