Sunday, March 1, 2009

"The Pop-Up"

Greetings fellow followers of monstrology!
Once again too much time has passed between posts. But to my defence I have to say that the turbulent times we now live in seem to have brought forth more odd creatures than I have ever seen before. Being one of the very few SENIOR monstrologists in the field gives me an immense work-load and lately my work on the up-coming Field Guide to Aliens have kept me very, very busy. So busy that many of the latest monster sightings have stacked up on my desk. I just haven't had a chance to investigate.
Therefore I decided to post two of these beings in hope of getting some information from YOU, the ever vigilant public.


This being was observed around Halloween last year, but it has also been seen inside haunted houses and other places where people are on edge and easily scared.

As you can see from the drawing I did based on eye-witness accounts it hides almost within itself, then pops up screaming "SURPRIIIISE!!"

Very little is know about this fearsome creature that was documented by Antoine, 5, in Paris, France.
Because of the antennae-looking things on its head I'm suspicious of it being an alien.
Does anybody have any information? E-mail me!