Saturday, June 9, 2007

Is Bradford telling the truth?

My Canadian contact, Bradford, is going away. Supposedly to Seattle but I'm suspecting that he might actually be headed for Vancouver. That's where the buzz about Northern Boulder Beasts generated from (see post titled "Oh Canada"). Of course I have already fully documented that monster, see below, so it's a bit of old news to me. I guess I don't really need to feel threatened by some Canadian amateurs...After all I am a renowned monstrologist and I have published what is considered the first serious field guide on the subject.

Regarding the mysterious Couch Cruncher note, there has been no further developments.

The Northern Boulder Beast.

(For more detailed information please consult the Field Guide)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Who put this in my mailbox?

I found this drawing in a unmarked envelope, no stamp no address, in my mailbox. Apparently I am not alone in seeing the Couch Crunchers!
Whoever you are please make contact again, I need more information, you do not have to tell me your name just tell me about your encounter.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Benny is a bum

Well, my fascinating and exciting encounter with the Couch Cruncher is still vividly in my mind, but Benny...Now he is being all questioning about the whole affair. Granted he was asleep during initial contact but I thought he got a good look at the baby we found in the nest. He now claims that it "could have been anything". Like what? Another type of monster? A triangular rat? what about the nest!
He is like so many other adults just not open-minded enough to accept that monsters are all among us.

I'm continuing to ask around and look for other images or tales of Couch Crunchers, If anybody knows of anything please send me an e-mail.