Thursday, October 29, 2009


These are a handfull of fantastic new monsters discovered by junior monstrologists at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens during Ghouls & Gourds last Sunday. Surprisingly, quite a few were NOT dangerous to humans!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Rush

So, as you might understand, the end of October is a busy time for a monstrologist.

I have just returned from a monster-mission in Texas where my dear friend and young colleague Sepp had alerted me to the presence of some frightening beast in his neighborhood in Houston. We were unfortunately unable to confirm any monsters or aliens but we saw some interesting tracks and held several intriguing interviews with witnesses.

Investigating a possible monster-sighting in Houston,TX

I believe this will be an investigation that I will have to return to repeatedly in the future. The Monster or Alien is supposedly taller than 10 feet, very thin and takes a special interest in Chickens.

While in Texas I was also able to give my formidable lecture on The Science of Monstrology at two esteemed locations, The Hendley Market in Galveston, TX and Travis Elementary School in Houston, TX.

This weekend I will hold my annual monster investigation workshop at the Ghouls and Gourds event in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Sunday Oct. 25, noon-6pm, kids under 12 free!
The following week I will be doing my lecture at three different academic institutions in Brooklyn, these will however not be open to the public. But below you can view a video from my lecturing at Hendley Market.

And last but not least, Happy Halloween!!