Saturday, August 20, 2011

Unknown creature

Saw this near foot-end of my bed, no biting or scratching occurred, assume it is benevolent but I have not identified it yet.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Man-eating Aliens Need Strong Teeth

For some reason Finnish dentists have taken a strong interest in the dental hygiene of monsters and aliens. In this issue of Kultahammas they asked me to discuss the obvious need for very strong teeth for a creature such as the Duomaw, that east humans whole.
On a different note, I received this intriguing field study of a dangeruous beast called the Mandblob from Dr Ben, a very young but gifted monstrologist .

And I recently had the pleasure of holding my lecture on monsters and aliens for the third graders of P.S. 321 in Brooklyn. Following my extremely successful lecture the student have taken up the mantle of monstrology and are running with it. I have received two thick packages of new studies of beasts never before seen! This is the cover of the last package i received.

And last but absolutely not least, the short movie "Alien Feces" is now streaming on youtube. It is the creation of the extremely talented Maya Garner, 14 years old. The events in this movie are dramatized, but could very well have been real! Enjoy.