Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Stench to Remember

The time we spent in Denmark was frightening. I still have not made a a clear definition of the monster we encountered.
Dr Hasbien want to call it the Sugarsucker because of it's hunger for sweets. I think that name trivializes the horror of this beast.
After weeks in hiding in the garden of the family affected we we're able to observe this monster only briefly. I claim that it must be a monster with intradimensional abilities. I.e. it can "skip" between dimensions, but Dr Hasbien believes it is just semi-translucent and therefore easily camouflaged.
Drawing this beast is nearly impossible and I will post a composite of my field drawings as I get it ready.

As I said in the previous post the most significant sign of this beast was an incredible stench. The most vile odour you can imagine preceded every sighting and I wish there was a way to transmit this smell because in this case it would be a much better identifier than a drawing.
Imagine rotting garbage, combine it with ammonia, and cologne-covered-B.O. and poop.
That is the best I can describe the smell.
It was truly revolting.


Joan said...

How do the Scandinavian monsters stand up to the NY monsters?
I think the weather monsters are out and about now. ( We had a tornado in Brooklyn when you were away!) Joan

white stupid said...

der mr monstologist,
I think i saw a sockdrawer critter sneaking into my panthose drawer. Ya think it's possible? i think panty hose is made of nylon. ya think socks have nylon in them too. is that their diet or do they just wanna keep warm? I find pantyhose don't really keep yer legs very warm... This whole new way of thinking makes my head hurt. If yer head doesn't hurt then keep up the good work.