Monday, March 17, 2008

An interesting product & Aliens

My friend Emily sent me a link to an interesting product: An anti-monster spray.
It seems like I am not the only one to have discovered that monsters are sensitive to smells.
My homemade potpourri has kept me safe on many an occasion and I am happy to see that someone has created an easy to use product available to the general public.
I have generally made my potpourri very pungent (Curry, Cloves and Karl Lagerfeld Cologne combined), to be on the safe side...I wonder if nice smells might be as efficient?

I have been held up in my monstrology studies by several reports that initially seemed to be about monsters but turned out to be about aliens. So far any good information has been hard to get but here's an image that was recently sent to me.
It depicts two "Mulchons", an alien race of ravenous tree-eaters. The drawing came from an Alaskan lumberjack by the name Hank Swenson. He claims that they ate a fully grown tree as fast as he could eat an apple, that they travel by interstellar timber-trucks and that their droppings make excellent weed and pest resitant mulch.

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white stupid said...

der mr monstologist,
I think i saw a sockdrawer critter sneaking into my panthose drawer. Ya think it's possible? i think panty hose is made of nylon. ya think socks have nylon in them too. is that their diet or do they just wanna keep warm? I find pantyhose don't really keep yer legs very warm... This whole new way of thinking makes my head hurt. If yer head doesn't hurt then keep up the good work.