Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Benny Found A Baby!

A nearly hysterical Benny sent me this picture in an e-mail. It appears to be of an infant Couch Cruncher. As followers of this blog might know, Benny is a "friend" who had a Couch Cruncher live in his couch for along time. We appeared to have solved the issue when we got the Cruncher to move to a furniture store in Queens, NY.

This time I believe that we might have learned something new and valuable about this small domestic monster. This "tadpole-cruncher", small, googly-eyed and gelatinous, is probably migrating back to where his parents were born. It might be the same kind of function we see in migrating birds and fish.
Benny either must keep a meticulously clean home, ( he can't leave a trail of crumbs around him at all times as he does, look at the picture! I'm sure his whole floor is covered with fragments of salty snacks...) or move, or...learn to live with the annual arrival of Couch Cruncher babies and see it as something positive, a sign of spring perhaps


DJ said...

how large was the baby

Johan Olander said...

Maybe 2"(5cm) in diameter.