Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Nice Review

The Sliver Slurper

A Field Guide to Aliens:
Intergalactic Worryworts, Glorb, False Santas, and other Extraterrestrials
978-0-7614- 5594-3.

Monsterologist John Olander, having discovered that 45 percent of all monster sightings reported are actually alien sightings, has decided to follow up his Field Guide to Monsters (Marshall Cavendish, 2007/VOYA December 2007) with a guidebook to aliens one might encounter on earth. Full-color, double-page spreads on twenty-seven aliens include information on what their names sound like in their native language (if they have one), their origin, diet, distinguishing features, technology, and a narrative of sightings of each species on Earth. Each entry also includes evidence in the form of sketches, drawings, or photos from others who have encountered the alien “taped” to the bottom of the (simulated) graph paper pages. Those species that pose a threat are stamped “Danger to Humans” in red—for safety sake. Scientific data is also included such as the real explanation of wormholes (they are created by actual Space Worms) and Santa Claus (actually elflike aliens who subsist on fruitcake and cookies— the beard and hat are space gear). Although heavy on the poo humor: Silver Slurpers (among others) live on human waste and a Droopian, who comes from a high gravity planet, left a heavy deposit in a Wisconsin outhouse, this silly and gross “field guide” will entertain just about any reluctant reader (especially the boys). Fans of the first guide will also love this one. .—VOYA, April 2010

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